philanthropist information

Yellow headings indicate exclusive feature to this rank, and the regular gray headings show features from previous rank(s)

Philanthropist $150


total sethomes



Receive 25 000 claim blocks

/nick [desired nickname]

Get access to /nick. Compatible with all color codes:

&0 &1 &2 &3 &4 &5 &6 &7 &8 &9 &a &b &c &d &e &f


Display in chat when you go away from your keyboard. Once you move shows you are no longer AFK


Opens a GUI trash can, where you put in items you don't want and when you close it they get deleted



Put almost any item that's in your hand on your head slot


Use a crafting table without actually clicking on one


Use a enderchest without actually clicking on one


/seen [playername]

Check how long it has been since chosen player has been on the server, or check how long someone has been online


[sunrise / morning / day / noon / afternoon / sunset / night / midnight / get / reset]

Change the daytime, only visible for you

/pweather [weather]

[sun / storm / get / reset]

Change the weather, only visible for you

/me [message]

Displays a message about yoursel

green Tab Color

You will automatically have light green (&a) color name tag


Turns all raw materials in your inventory into their block form, e.g 18 iron ingots > 2 iron blocks


Raise your hunger bar to the maximum without eating anything. 5 minute cooldown between each use

colored signs

Get the ability to use all color codes on signs

colored chat

Get the ability to use all color codes in chat

&0 &1 &2 &3 &4 &5 &6 &7 &8 &9 &a &b &c &d &e &f

custom armor stand

Custom armor stand of your player placed at spawn as a thank you. You get to decide what the sign behind your statue says, all the colors, what armor you wear.

Please note: Only the donator gets the armor stand. If you were gifted Philanthropist, you won't receive the stand but who bought the rank for you will. (Unless requested otherwise)


Get custom or Philanthropist prefix in-game


discord role

Get donator role and access to a donators-only Discord channel


Semi-Vanilla Minecraft server

Server Address: