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This page is purely just for fun, for those interested in random information about Esoteric.

So what's the deal with nautilus shells?

Esoteric has multiple mentions of nautilus shells throughout the server, as a tribute to the original currency of the server. Back in the day when this server was not public, we used clownfish as currency. Later on when mojang introduced nautilus shells, we changed our currency to them, because they were harder to get. Below is a screenshot of the original buy list. Some purchasable items were also inside jokes.

The Builders of Esoteric

Esoteric has gone through multiple different spawn area designs. Below are screenshots of the different versions of spawn and of our PVP arena.

Spawn in 2019 by Phoxsin and others

PVP arena (/warp pvp) by pillpupper

Spawn in 2019 by ekanna and Phoxsin

Spawn in 2020 by ekanna

Retirement Home

Huge thank you for these players for once being part of our staff team and helping out with the server ♡





Miscellaneous facts

  • Before 'Esoteric', the server was called Real Steve Survival (RSS)

  • Back in 1.14.0 everyone had keepinv on temporarily, due to the huge lag caused by this Minecraft version

  • One of the birds seen at spawn is called Beako

  • First death ever on the server was by itsAnniee

  • Before /tpa was added, players got around via huge railroad system

  • The decorative mailbox system is a reference the mailboxes by pillpupper, itsAnniee and sard back in RSS

Mapart on Esoteric

Screenshots of mapart that was built on Esoteric. Unfortunately these are now gone due to map resets.

Bottom two on the hut made by WarlordN1k, rest by sard


Semi-Vanilla Minecraft server

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