short guide on claiming land


Hold a golden shovel and right-click the ground. A fake diamond block will appear. This will be one of your claim corners

Walk over (still holding the shovel) to the opposite corner where you want your claim, and right-click the ground again. A fake gold block will appear surrounded by glowstone blocks

Congratulations, everything inside the gold and glowstone blocks is your new claim. No one will be able to interact in your claim without you granting them trust. Trust is granted with the /trust [playername] command

thing to note

  • The first chest you place on the server will automatically create a claim around it

  • Minimum claim size is 10 blocks by 10 blocks

  • You get more claimblocks by being online (200 per hour) and by voting (200 per vote)

  • There are four different ways to grant trust:

    • Permission Trust. Command is /pt [playername]. Trusted player can also trust other players​

    • Build Trust. Command is /trust [playername]. Trusted player can do everything in your claim (besides trust others)

    • Container Trust. Command is /ct [playername]. Trusted player can open chests and shulker boxes, but not build nor kill passive mobs

    • Access Trust. Command is /at [playername]. Trusted player can only use doors, levers and buttons

  • To check your current trust list, do /trustlist. To check your current claims, do /claimlist. To remove claim, stand in it and do /unclaim or /abandonclaim

  • If you wish to trust a player only in one specific area, do /subdivideclaim and make a claim like normally. Then trust said player inside that subdivided claim

  • Your claim is protected from explosions by default, to enable them do /claimexplosions

  • The gold and glowstone blocks will fade away over a short period of time. If you want to see a claim again, right-click inside it with a regular stick



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