Frequently asked questions

Are afk farms allowed


Are alt accounts allowed


is there a daily server restart

Yes, around 2:30AM EST

Are my items / builds safe from grief

Yes, so long as you use the provided tools to claim your land.

can I destroy or raid unclaimed bases


can I use forge / fabric mods

Yes, so long as they arent cheat-like e.g. x-ray or similar

can I use x-ray mods or resource packs


how long has this world been up

Since December 15th, 2019

when was this server founded

March 15, 2018

how much does this server cost to run

Around $169 per month (main server, backups storage & website)

is duping allowed

No, but TNT duping is allowed

is firespread on

Yes, but it is off in claims

is keep inventory on


what is the render distance


how many homes can i set

1 by default, but you can gain more by voting and donating

Can i bypass afk kick

Yes. You can use an AFK pool or similar

where can i donate

can i use the nether roof

You are allowed to build on the nether roof. You are not allowed to travel on nether roof.

where can i vote

/vote in-game, or scroll to the bottom of the home page

WHY should i vote

Votes increase our ranking on vote sites, which means more people to play with :> You also get rewards from voting rank-ups

what is the world border

Overworld - 15k

The End - 15k

The Nether - 7.5k

how do i get more claimblocks

You get 200 claimblocks per hour online. Additionally you get 200 claimblocks per each vote. To check your total amount of claimblocks do /claimlist

do claims expire

Claims won’t expire if you have more than 5,000 bonus claim blocks (obtained by voting) or 10,000 total claim blocks. Otherwise it's 45 days until expiration.



Semi-Vanilla Minecraft server

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