Player commands

Below is a list of commands available for all players. For more commands see voting info or donation info pages.


Teleports you to spawn


Displays Esoteric's rules. Same rules can be found here



Displays server's links

/kit claim

Players receive a gold shovel and instruction book on how to claim. Short guide can be found here

/home [name]

shortcut /h

Teleports you to said home location.


/sethome [name]

Creates a home where you are currently standing with said name


/delhome [name]

Deletes said home



Shows you a list of all the homes you have


Sends a message only staff can see. use this only to report players or to ask important questions


Shows a list of warps you can warp to


You teleport to a random spot in the overworld. 60 second cooldown between uses

/cr claim

Claims your keys if you voted while your inventory was full

/ignore [playername]

Future messages from chosen player will not show up for you. Use /eignore [playername] if you can still see their messages e.g. through the use of /me. Do /ignore [playername] again to stop ignoring them


Find someones username from behind their nickname


Transfer the ownership of your pet to someone else


Checks if anyone has sent you mail


/mail send [playername] [message]

Sends a mail message to chosen player even if they are not online


/mail clear

Clears your mail list

/msg [playername] [message]

shortcut /w

Sends a private message in-game to chosen player


/r [message]

Sends a reply to the last person you messaged

/tpa [playername]

Send a request for you to teleport to said players location


/tpahere [playername]

Requests said player to teleport to your location


/tpaccept or /tpdeny

Let you choose to accept or deny others requests

/trust [playername]

There are four different levels of trust. The basic /trust will let player do everything in your claim (besides trust others)


/pt [playername]

Lets trusted player trust others


/ct [playername]

Lets trusted player open chests and shulker boxes, but not build nor kill passive mobs


/at [playername]

Lets trusted player only use doors, levers and buttons


Shows you a list of trusted players in the claim you are currently standing in


Shows a list of all your land claims and where they are located with coordinates


Presents your total votes on the server, you can check how many left until next rankup by comparing votes to /ranks



Shows when your next vote is up


Semi-Vanilla Minecraft server

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